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Let's get to know each other!

Hi, We are Gazella & Manny, a photo/video duo. While Gazella does mostly photos, Manny does photos, Videos & content.

 Gazella is a Photographer who does Fashion in a Romantic way and Romance with a touch of fashion.

Manny is a Netflix cinematographer and Creative Director with crazy ideas.
Gazella studied Interior Design and got her Master of Visual Arts in Italy, She has been working as a photographer since 2015

Later on 2018 she got into Luxury Fashion, shoot & retouch for Brands such as:

Manny got his master's at the University of Lamborghini & Ferrari (MUNER) where he got a good sense of the Luxury market, with extensive marketing studies, he got into strategies and creating Viral content

(he has content with literally 100million views on social media)

Later on, he started taking content toward cinematography and creative directing, where he started working with Netflix

We divide our work into two sectors: Commercial & Private

For Private clients: we specialize in Couple photoshoots, surprise proposals & Elopements, but our work is not limited to couples, I also do photoshoots for families and solo travelers

We have had the most diverse client range, from 87 countries and counting! we're an LGBTQ-friendly team & offer creative ideas for religious clients' needs ( Halal/Kosher photo poses)

Our focus is on creating natural and candid shots that tell the story of your special moments and memories.

We're dedicated to making our clients feel comfortable and ensuring our sessions are fun.


For Commercial clients: we offer services such as Fashion, Interior & Architecture, Food, product & influencer content. We have a keen eye for detail, composition, and bringing in new ideas. We can create visually stunning images that accurately represent your brand or product with a creative outstanding human touch

We're based in Venice, however, we're Travel buffs & We'd openly come to your destinations, around Italy such as Lake Como, Florance, Positano and Amalfi coast, Rome, around Europe like Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, & worldwide. to be your photographer, videographer/cinematographer and content creator

 If you're willing to chat about a

Private Photoshoot & videoshoot 👇

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Contact us

Venice, Italy

Tel: +393883237962

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